The 2005 business meeting was held in Los Angeles.  Minutes for the business meeting are attached here.

The meeting was accompanied by a special celebration marking the 10th anniversary of the founding of APCS.  Photos in the attached gallery identify many of the people who were in attendance.

  • Varda was president of APCS at the time of the 10-year anniversary celebration and served as master of ceremonies.
  • Dianne Chambless (U Penn) and Varda Shoham
  • Rich McNally (Harvard) listens to Dick McFall
  • Varda Shoham, Alan Kraut (APS), and Jane Steinberg (NIHM)
  • Don Fowles (APCS's 3rd president)
  • Bob Levenson (UC Berkeley)
  • Frank Collins, Debi Bell, Alan Kraut, Bob Simons, Jane Steinberg, and Bob Levenson
  • Dick McFall and Victoria Follette
    McFall and Follette
  • Dick McFall, Victoria Follette (UN-Reno), Jerry Davison (USC), and Susan Zlotlow (APA)
  • Frank Collins and Debi Bell
  • Debi Bell (University of Missouri) and Alan Kraut (APS)
  • John Curry (Duke University)
  • Kenny Sher (University of Missouri)
  • Tom Oltmanns and Dick Bootzin
    Oltmanns / Bootzin
  • Dick McFall, Tim Strauman, and Tom Oltmanns
    McFall Strauman
  • Bob Knight, Frank Colliins, Debi Bell, and Dick McFall
    group in LA at 10th
  • Bob Levenson and Dick McFall
  • Susan Zlotlow (APA) and Bob Knight (USC)
  • Dick McFall and Connie Hammen
  • Scott Monroe, Teresa Treat, and Marc Atkins
  • Varda Shoham, John Allen, and Don Fowles
  • Don Fowles and Marc Atkins
  • Drew Weston and Bob Levenson


PCSAS is an independent, non-profit body incorporated in December 2007 to provide rigorous, objective, and empirically based accreditation of Ph.D. programs in psychological clinical science (the terms psychological clinical science and scientific clinical psychology are used interchangeably).
There are a multitude of reasons why APS is vital to you and to the science of psychology. From our advocacy efforts to our acclaimed scientific journals to our promotion of the education of psychology, APS is working hard to ensure the vitality and the advancement of psychology as a science.
The Delaware Project aims to redefine psychological clinical science training in ways that emphasize continuity across a spectrum of research activities concerned with (a) basic mechanisms of psychopathology and behavior change, (b) intervention generation and refinement, (c) intervention efficacy and effectiveness...