For Students

Undergraduate students considering a career in clinical science:

Current graduate students in clinical psychology:

  • Interested in implementation and dissemination training? Here's a list of training resources
  • In service of connecting Clinical Science trainees, APCS launched a student-moderated listserv for graduate and postdoc affiliates of Academy programs in 2024. It is a digital space to connect graduate students and postdocs for matters such as asking training-related questions, plugging career development opportunities, requesting/exchanging resources (e.g., syllabi, recommended textbooks), coordinating housing or meet-ups for conferences, and perhaps most valuably, supporting each other. This is a google group moderated by the APCS student rep.
    • TO BE ADDED TO THE TRAINEE LISTSERV: 1) email, 2) write “Listserv Invitation Request” in the subject line, and 3) in the text body, indicate the email address you would like added and the name of your affiliated training program. Be sure to check your spam folders for the resulting invitation.
    • Of note, institutional (e.g., .edu) accounts occasionally have trouble joining Google Groups. If you have trouble accepting the invitation, please see the attached tips, or request to join the group with a gmail (or other) email address:
  • APCS has collaborated with the Society for a Science of Clinical Psychology (SSCP) to provide several internship resources, including an Internship Directory as well as guides to internships and postdocs.
  • The APCS Student Engagement Committee has prepared an APCS Clearinghouse of resources relating to teaching, research, clinical work, and professional development.
  • The Mentor-Mentee Check-in is a guideline for conversations between faculty mentors and graduate student mentees to improve their working relationship and promote student success. The first part of the document suggests a number of questions that can be discussed to help the mentor and mentee understand one another as they change over time. The second part of the document encourages mentors and mentees to outline goals for the next semester.



PCSAS is an independent, non-profit body incorporated in December 2007 to provide rigorous, objective, and empirically based accreditation of Ph.D. programs in psychological clinical science (the terms psychological clinical science and scientific clinical psychology are used interchangeably).
There are a multitude of reasons why APS is vital to you and to the science of psychology. From our advocacy efforts to our acclaimed scientific journals to our promotion of the education of psychology, APS is working hard to ensure the vitality and the advancement of psychology as a science.
The Delaware Project aims to redefine psychological clinical science training in ways that emphasize continuity across a spectrum of research activities concerned with (a) basic mechanisms of psychopathology and behavior change, (b) intervention generation and refinement, (c) intervention efficacy and effectiveness...